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  Pedabouc Traditional French Farmhouse Guided Coaching at Pedebouc

C2S Life Coaching
We work with individual clients to help them achieve results and sustain life-changing behaviour in their lives and careers.

C2S Organisational Coaching
This works both at the individual and organisational level. By identifying the key levers for success, we take both the individual and the organisation to a higher level of performance. It’s about supporting everyone and the organisation, helping them to fulfil their potential.

One to One
One to one coaching is a powerful tool to help the individual look at every aspect of their lives and identify what may be holding them back. Perhaps it’s a difficult personal decision, or a challenging relationship. It may be that you are dealing with illness or the loss of a close friend. We work together and walk the path with you to help you move forward in your life.

Group Coaching
Inspirational and energetic, we have worked with Private, Public and Third Sector teams, motivating them to achieve success. Experienced in managing transformational change, we will tailor our programmes to meet your needs.

Organisation: We’re experienced in managing organisational change for charities and membership bodies. We will assess the organisation and recommend a programme of action, working closely with all stakeholders to ensure that they own the outcomes.

Strategy: Perhaps you need someone who is really good at “flying the helicopter” rather than “digging the ditch”. Perhaps you want to hire someone who has actually implemented the changes that you need before and who sees new opportunities for your organisation. C2S is confident in designing solutions and in managing their implementation.

Performance: It’s often hard to reflect the importance of performance management in the Third Sector. But C2S, with its unique experience across the Private, Public and Third Sectors, is well placed to work with your staff to understand how best value can be obtained and your resources maximised.

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about us


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